Inequality Awareness Week 30 May-2 June 2022

INEQ organizes a series of events to bring together key scholars in the multidisciplinary area of inequality studies in Helsinki to discuss the societal relevance of inequality research

We live in an age of increasing inequality. Social, ecological, epistemic, economic, and political inequalities, among others, challenge societies, institutions, communities, and individual people both locally and globally. Global tumultuous changes – the Covid-19 pandemic, anthropogenic climate change and the destruction of the planet, incipient authoritarianism and the current war in Ukraine to name but a few ­– have further deepened existing structural inequalities. We can see that inequalities, far from disappearing, remain a key challenge across the globe.

Join us in 'Inequality Awareness Week' to discuss these intersecting inequalities with world renowned scholars in various keynote talks, workshops and panel discussions, on 30 May-2 June 2022! Please see the programme for the week below. For more information, including full details of the individual events and links to registration, visit the Inequality Awareness Week website


Inequality Awareness Week programme 

Please note that all times in the programme are local times in Finland (UTC+3)!

Monday, May 30

17:00–20:00 Keynote by Professor Vanessa Andreotti (University of British Columbia): Navigating the Complexities of Challenging Inequalities, followed by a seminar on rethinking inequalities in education, online via Zoom

Tuesday, May 31

10:00–16:00 BIBU & INEQ Workshop with Professor Mike Savage (London School of Economics): Turbulent Times: The Political Consequences of Economic Transformations, Festsal (Soc&kom, Snellmaninkatu 12)

Wednesday, June 1

10:00–12:00 INEQ Reading circle: Final meeting with Professor Mike Savage (LSE)

13:00–15:00 Panel discussion: Reducing Inequalities – What Is the Untapped Potential of Academic Research?, Think Corner Stage

• Professor Mike Savage (LSE, UK) 

• Dr Monica Lambon-Quayefio (University of Ghana) 

• Professor Mikael Holmqvist (Stockholm University, Sweden) 

• INEQ Director Meri Kulmala (University of Helsinki, Finland) 

• Associate Professor Lina Daouk-Öyry (American University of Beirut, Lebanon; Visiting Researcher at Aalto University)

• Research Fellow Fath E Mubeen (Migration Institute of Finland – Siirtolaisinstituutti)

• Executive Director Susanna Lehtovaara (Jade yhteisö ry)

Thursday, June 2

10:00–11:30 Keynote by Dr Monica Lambon-Quayefio (University of Ghana): Gender Inequality in the Global South: The Role of Social Institutions, Porthania P674 & online via Zoom

13:00–18:00 PhD Researcher Workshop on Researching Inequalities, followed by an informal reception and music (NB! This event is meant only for selected PhD researchers and invited commentators)