Can elites be progressive? Rethinking the potential of elites in progressive politics

Workshop: Friday 13 November, 12:00–15:00 Helsinki time, (10:00–13:00 GMT)

Organised together with Tackling Biases and Bubbles in Participation (BIBU)

Given the rise in inequality in recent years, elites’ relationship with the rest of society has become a matter of interest for social research asking whether elite identities are becoming more exclusive and elites are pulling away from the rest of society. In this workshop, we take a new angle by asking the following question: Can elites can be progressive? Elites are not a uniform group but include various groups and cultures. Thus, this workshop seeks the cracks in the wall, identifying variation and potential progressiveness in elite identities and cultures while comparing Anglo-American, Nordic, South African and South American experiences. Moreover, potential lines for future research will be discussed.


12:00 Helsinki time / 10:00 GMT: Risto Kunelius, University of Helsinki: Welcome and introduction of participants

12:15 Helsinki time / 10:15 GMT: Mike Savage to reflect on ‘elites and social change: is there such a thing as progressive elite politics?’

12:30 Helsinki time / 10:30 GMT: Kristina Kolbe & Mike Savage, London School of Economics: An institutional politics of place: Rethinking the critical function of art in times of growing inequality

12:45 Helsinki time / 10:45 GMT: Luna Glucksberg & Louise Russell-Prywata, London School of Economics Elites and Inequality: A Case Study of Plutocratic Philanthropy in the UK

13:00 Helsinki time / 11:00 GMT: Comments by Panos Kompatsiaris, Higher School of Economics, Moscow.

13:15 Helsinki time / 11:15 GMT: Comfort break

13:30 Helsinki time / 11:30 GMT: Anu Kantola, University of Helsinki: Why should elites care? Elites in search of a societal role

13:45 Helsinki time / 11:45 GMT: Mikko Weckroth, Teemu Kemppainen, Anu Kantola & Hanna Wass, University of Helsinki: Elite attitudes towards welfare society in Nordic and Anglo-Saxon countries

14:00 Helsinki time / 12:00 GMT: Chana Teeger, London School of Economics: Elite attitudes towards redistribution in Brazil, South Africa and Uruguay, paper accessed here

14:15 Helsinki time / 12:15 GMT: Comments by Maren Toft, University of Oslo

14:30–15 Helsinki time / 12:30–13:00 GMT: Discussion of future research

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