eLTER RI takes the next big step

eLTER RI takes the next big step: the European Commission approves funding for the preparation of the European Long-Term Ecosystem Research Infrastructure.

The Preparatory Phase project, eLTER PPP, is coordinated by the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Germany. The Advanced Community Project, eLTER PLUS, is coordinated by INAR, at the University of Helsinki in Finland. eLTER  PLUS will conduct a performance test of the emerging eLTER RI, challenging, assessing and strengthening its operations. Selected sites and platforms in terrestrial, freshwater and coastal ecosystems will be used to study ecosystem integrity, impacts of climate change, and endangered ecosystem services at a pan-European scale. Read more: https://scienmag.com/elter-ri-takes-the-next-big-step/