The Climate Whirl artist-in-residence for the year 2020 has been selected

Siobhan McDonald, Irish visual artist will be invited as artist-in-residence for Climate Whirl arts program in 2020.

The international open call received 168 applications by 18th November 2019 and the jury, composed of Jaana Bäck, professor in Forest-Atmosphere Interactions (INAR, University of Helsinki), Timo Vesala, professor in Meteorology (INAR, University of Helsinki), Henna Paunu, chief curator at EMMA (Espoo Museum for Modern Art), Paula Toppila executive director at IHME Helsinki and Ulla Taipale, curator of Climate Whirl had a demanding task to choose one applicant for the 2020 residency.

More about the selected proposal  can be read here:

The home page of Siobhan McDonald is found here:

Her residency will be divided in two parts, first part will happen in the beginning of the summer and the second, in the end of the summer or autumn 2020.


Other news from Climate Whirl:

Finnish artist Kalle Hamm and his working group The Band of the Weeds, are taking part to Puut lähellämme project lead by Eeva-Stiina Tuittila and to Climate Whirl.

This spring, in dialogue with Anna Lintunen they will study and experiment how to to do sonification of trees. Earlier, the group have recorded sound material from the plants using the method developed by the Soviet botanist Ivan Gunar. There are ionised liquids running inside the plant tissues and the changes in their electro-magnetic field can be converted to the sound range audible for the human ear. The new stage of the project will help in listening to a tree at Hyytiälä. The project of Kalle is funded by Kone Foundation.


Agnes Meyer-Brandis, German artist and author of the Tealemetree Station and internationally rewarded Teacup Tools, will continue her tree-related research work at Hyytiälä Forestry Station this spring. She is interested in studying the Tree Migration phenomena at Siikaneva peatland, in dialogue with Eeva-Stiina Tuittila and Aino Korrensalo. The new work is part of her Office for Tree Migration -project. 


The immersive and site-specific artwork IÄI, by Finnish artist duo IC-98 will be published in August at SMEAR II station 25 years anniversary 20-21st Agust, 2020. The work consists of 35 Finnish words and syllables, carved in stones, rocks and trees within the old natural forest of 22 ha and at Viikki Campus. Visiting the artwork and the forest makes one reflect upon our manifold and age-old relationship with boreal forest ecosystems.