Single Cell Omics Symposium 2023

A single cell omics symposium will take place October 26 to 27, 2023, as part of the single cell course week. Registration is now open, more information below!
Practical details

The symposium will be a one and half day event including a poster session, and is combined with a hands-on wet-lab and data-analysis courses for students. The symposium covers broad areas of single cell omics, from spatial interactions to epigenetic plasticity, intestinal stem cells to brain development, and functional genomic screens to machine learning models. Symposium flyer available here.

Time and place

Oct-26 to 27 noon, 2023 in Biomedicum Helsinki Lecture hall 1, Helsinki, Finland


Register here! Final schedule coming soon.


Barbara Treutlein (ETH Zurich), Oliver Stegle (EMBL Heidelberg), Kelley Yan (Columbia University), Brian Cleary (Boston University College of Engineering), Valentina Boeva (ETH Zurich), Celine Vallot (Institut Curie), Jessica Nordlund (Uppsala University), and Mark  Robinson (University of Zurich) will present their work, in addition to national speakers Sakari Vanharanta (University of Helsinki), Tuure Kinnunen (University of Eastern Finland), Pia Rantakari (University of Turku) and Satu Mustjoki (University of Helsinki).