Genomic Discoveries and Clinical Translation

Dr. Elisabeth Widén is a physician by training, with an interest in genomics and the genetic contribution to complex diseases. Dr Widén initially focused her research on puberty and the genes that influence this process. In recent years, however, Dr Widén’s interest has now shifted towards implementing genomic research into medical practice.

Group's focus at the moment is the GeneRISK study. Dr. Widén worked with Professor Samuli Ripatti to set up the study in 2015 and recruit a cohort of around 7,300+ people from southern Finland. The cohort is unique as the participants consented to receive personal cardio-vascular disease risk information back from the study. The cohorts’ risk information was interpreted and communicated using an interactive web tool developed for this purpose, called KardioKompassi.  GeneRISK as a study is still ongoing. and the first follow-up round has been completed.