Outreach and media activities at FIMM

FIMM is committed to contributing to society through public engagement. With the ever-increasing public interest in personal health and genomics, we feel that these activities have become increasingly important.

During the past few years, we have been gradually increasing the amount of our outreach and communication activities and focused significant efforts on building a strong online and media presence. Each year, we have hundreds of national and international visitors representing academia, industry, policy makers, patients and high-school students.


At FIMM, we aim to provide accurate and timely information to assist the media in telling the stories of our recent findings. Our Communications Coordinator Mari Kaunisto is happy to respond to questions about the Institute and to help in  locating an expert in a specific area of research. She can also provide additional information about our events or news releases.

Media relations

Journalists are asked to contact the Communications Coordinator Mari Kaunisto to arrange interviews. Television camera crews and photographers are also welcome but must be accompanied by a member of our staff when shooting inside our facilities. We also hope that all the material filmed at FIMM and saved for possible future purposes will be labeled as being shot at our Institute.

By request, we can also provide photos of our key staff members and technologies. The resources can be freely used  as long as all images and video are credited to Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM, University of Helsinki.

Online video resources

We have produced several videos and 3D animations that describe our ongoing research activities and the technologies used.

Some highlights

Visits to FIMM

Each year, we have hundreds of national and international visitors representing academia, industry, media, policy makers, patient organisations and school-groups. Our researchers are very committed to these institute-driven outreach activities and we also encourage and support them in giving interviews and public talks.

Currently all the visits to our facilities have been interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully we are able to host you soon!