Takashi Namba recruited as new Group Leader to Neuroscience Center

Dr. Takashi Namba (PhD) from the Max Planck Institute has been appointed as a group leader to the Neuroscience Center, Helsinki Institute of Life Sciences (HiLIFE).

The focus of Dr. Takashi Namba’s research has been on neocortical development and cellular dynamics that give rise to the complex architecture of the mammalian brain.

After receiving his PhD from the Waseda University of Japan in 2007, Dr. Namba continued as a research fellow at the National Institute of Neuroscience in Japan until 2009, when he was appointed as an assistant professor at the Nagoya University. In 2014, he joined the department of Dr. Wieland B. Huttner at the Max Planck Institute of Cell Biology and Genetics.

“We are very pleased to attract top international young neuroscientists to our university. The successful recruitment of the most competent applicants of the last group leader call to Neuroscience Center indicates that the HiLIFE truly offers great research environment that is of high international level,” says Jari Koistinaho, the Director of Neuroscience Center (NC).

NC launched a call for two group leader positions in September 2019. Earlier this year Dr. Olli Pietiläinen was appointed in one of the two positions. Both Dr. Pietiläinen and Dr. Namba were top ranked candidates by the Scientific Advisory Board of NC.

“Namba is an excellent researcher and brings novel approaches and technologies to our investigations aiming at understanding the human brain,” Koistinaho adds.

Namba is interested in human neocortical development under physiological and pathological conditions.

“My long-term aim is to establish new diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies of neurodevelopmental disorders. I am extremely happy to start my research group in the Neuroscience Center, which offers such an innovative and multidisciplinary environment for brain research,” says Takashi Namba.

More information:

Jari Koistinaho, Director, Neuroscience Center (HiLIFE)

Tel. +358 50 378 9207

E-mail: jari.koistinaho@helsinki.fi