Open Lecture: Takao K. Hensch - Power of the Infant Brain

Welcome to open lecture "Power of the Infant Brain" at Maijansali, Helsinki Central Library Oodi on December 14th at 12 — 1 pm. Professor Takao K. Hensch will talk about early life stress as a new example of critical period relevance beyond developmental disorders.

Takao K. Hensch, PhD, is joint professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School at Boston Children’s Hospital, and professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard’s Center for Brain Science. Professor Hensch’s research focuses on critical periods in brain development, and his work affects also therapeutic approaches to devastating cognitive disorders later in life.

Professor Hensch is invited to give the lecture by Neuroscience Center (HiLIFE, University of Helsinki) and supported by Helsinki Brain & Mind.

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