Mikko Airavaara started as a reviewing editor for eNeuro

Dr. Mikko Airavaara from Neuroscience Center, HiLIFE, University of Helsinki, is a new reviewing editor for eNeuro, an open-access journal published by Society for Neuroscience.

Society for Neuroscience is the biggest professional community worldwide for scientists and physicians whose research focuses on studying the brain and nervous system.

eNeuro was launched in 2014. According to Mikko Airavaara, the publishing culture has changed quite a bit with new various open-access journals and policies. He thinks we should be the advocates for the journals of our societies.

– I am looking forward to this new challenge and new tasks stemming from this. I have been following the journal and its policy from its beginning and I am very pleased with its eager to increase reproducible, unbiased and rigor science within the scientific community.

More information: https://www.eneuro.org/content/editorial-board