Innovation in Neuroscience seminar: Pitching with Confidence

Welcome to the Innovation in Neuroscience online seminar on 4th of May at 15.30–16.30!

The seminar is organised by Helsinki Brain & Mind (University of Helsinki, Aalto University and Helsinki University Hospital).


  • 15.30 - 16.00 Walid O. El Cheikh; Speaker, Mentor & Pitching Artist: Pitching with confidence
  • 16.00 - 16.30 Chiara Facciotto; Coordinator of Innovation Activities at HiLIFE (University of Helsinki): The elements of a pitch

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Walid O. El Cheikh


Walid is a pitching coach and program director for early-stage entrepreneurship programs. He has trained thousands of people from 30+ countries. He started with startup founders and executives, and now he coaches almost anyone from any age group, e.g. students, employees, managers, artists, designers, engineers, PhD researchers, job seekers, ambassadors, government officials – so basically anyone! 

Walid’s background is in entrepreneurship, hospitality, executive education and sales. He worked 15 years in restaurants and hotels before receiving his Masters in Entrepreneurship from Aalto School of Business. He founded his startup, Barisma, that was among the first teams in the Startup Sauna - Finland’s and the Baltic’s top accelerator (until 2018). For a decade, he has been actively involved in entrepreneurial communities and hubs in Finland and Europe. Lately, Walid has been travelling and coaching in Asia, for example in Thailand, Vietnam and Lebanon.  His network is wide, covering various industries and sectors such as ICT, games, design and art, education, cleantech, healthcare and many more. 

Chiara Facciotto 

Chiara works as coordinator of innovation activities at the Helsinki Institute of Life Science (HiLIFE), University of Helsinki (UH). Since 2019, she has also been the lead organizer of y Science, an official side-event of Slush, aimed at bridging the academic and the business worlds in the field of life science. 

Chiara has a passion for bringing science to society. She served as the lead organizer of TEDxHelsinkiUniversity in 2016-18, and she also coached speakers for TEDxTampereUniversity. She is a co-founder and member of The Science Basement, a Finnish non-profit organization offering young scientists a platform to practice science outreach to the general public. She regularly coaches PhD students presenting their research at the Afternoons in The Science Basement, a monthly series of public talks. She is also one of the co-organizers of the UH courses "Science Communication and Public Engagement" and "From idea to impact". 

Chiara’s background is in bioinformatics and cancer research and she is about to complete her PhD at the University of Helsinki.