HiLIFE Tenure Track call attracted 305 applicants around the world

The HiLIFE Tenure Track call aims to attract top-skilled life scientist from versatile backgrounds to become the new assistant and associate professors. Now, the applications for 2022 call have been submitted.

The HiLIFE Tenure Track programme was first initiated in 2017 when Helsinki Institute of Life Sciences (HiLIFE) was taking its first steps, and during the past 6 years, a total of 10 highly skilled Tenure Track assistant and associate professors have been selected. More information on the Tenure Track professors can be found at HiLIFE research pages under the University of Helsinki website.

The Appointment Committee has a busy September evaluating over 300 applications

The current 2022 Tenure Track call ran between 16.6.-25.8., resulting to a substantial total of 305 eligible applications.

While this specific call did not result the record-breaking numbers in HiLIFE Tenure Track history, we can easily say that the programme continues to be attractive in a global level call after call; the 2017 total applications landed on circa 350, while 2020 ended up being the peak year with approximately 400 applications submitted. Thus, the 2022 of 305 applications can be considered fair, especially given the unexpected world events we have seen in the past years changing the life dynamics for many of us.

Majority of the applications were submitted by males (61%, 186), whereas female applicants make up 31% (113) of the total. Ca. 2% (6) of the applicants did not disclose their gender or stated it as other.

To further demonstrate the positive international aspect of this call, 43 different countries were indicated as the applicants’ countries of residence. The most represented countries are as follows:

  1. Finland 41% (125)
  2. United States 10% (31)
  3. Germany 5% (15)
  4. India 5% (15)
  5. Sweden 4% (12)

The process continues immediately with 1st stage evaluations

The recruitment process continues with the Appointment Committee evaluating all applications and creating a shortlist for external evaluation. This task will be carried out during September 2022, with progress decisions made in early October.

Further updates will be provided to HiLIFE and entire University of Helsinki community once the 1st stage evaluations have been concluded.

The entire HiLIFE Tenure Track recruitment process is expected to end by March 2023, with a minimum of three selected applicants receiving offer for the assistant or associate professor positions.