Finnish Cultural Foundation awarded Professor Jaakko Kaprio a prize for significant cultural achievements

On the eve of Kalevala Day, on 27 February 2022, the Finnish Cultural Foundation awarded three 35,000 € prizes for significant cultural achievements. One of the prizes went to FIMM Research Director Jaakko Kaprio, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology. He was rewarded for "researching nature vs. nurture and for being a natural-born researcher of twins". Warm congratulations!

Our warmest congratulations to Jaakko Kaprio, who has been a Research Professor at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), HiLIFE, University of Helsinki since 2018, having prior to that been a director of FIMM, an Academy Professor, and a Professor at the Universities of Oulu and Helsinki.  

Kaprio’s area of specialisation is genetic epidemiology. He began his research on Finnish twins as part of his doctoral thesis in 1984, and since then he has led the planning and execution of several follow-up studies on twins, based on extensive twin cohort databases. With the help of their research on twins, Kaprio and his research teams have been able to explore the roles that environmental factors and genetic predisposition play in the development of addictions, and to identify several smoking-related genes.

Kaprio was carrying out international research at a time when it was far less common than now. He is one of the most widely referenced Finnish scientists, with a list of publications encompassing more than 1,300 titles. Jaakko Kaprio has been an active member of various Finnish and international scientific associations, as well as holding diverse positions of trust.