Call for HiLIFE Research Trainee Scholarships is closing this week

The applications for 2023 HiLIFE Trainees are accepted until 7.10. This opportunity is open for University of Helsinki BSc, MSc and Lic. (Med., Med. Vet.) students wanting to try out practical life science-themed research.

What do the HiLIFE Research Trainee Scholarships offer for students?


Up to 10 selected Trainees will receive financial support from Helsinki Institute of Life Science (HiLIFE) for a four-month training period. More specifically, students conducting internship at the University of Helsinki can receive up to €1500/month, and those applying to join research groups abroad up to €2000/month plus up to €1000 for travel costs.

Besides helping the Trainees to get practical experience, gain clearer picture of their career path, and potentially opening up doors for future work opportunities and collaboration, HiLIFE is now offering increasing sparring on science communication. As a pilot for the new 2023 Trainees, two workshops about blog writing and utilizing social media in communicating science will be conducted in collaboration with the Science Basement.

How to apply?


Applications close on Friday Oct 7, 2022 at 4.00pm EEST.

There is still time left to ask questions regarding the HiLIFE Research Trainee Scholarships! Reach out to us via email at

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