Histology Core Facility

The Histology Core Facility enables academic and commercial users to prepare tissue specimens for paraffin embedding, paraffin sectioning, plastic sectioning, cryosectioning, vibratome sectioning, and histological stains. It also provides technical assistance and training in histological techniques to investigators throughout Viikki and the University of Helsinki.

The facility is equipped with 2 cryostat workstations (cryostat, microsope), 6 microtome workstations (microtome, microsope, water bath), 1 vibratome workstation (vibratome, microsope), 2 automated tissue processor machines for paraffin, 1 manual paraffin embedding station, 1 oven for manual paraffin processing, and 2 manual slide staining workstations.

As a next step for fast and high-quality analysis of stained sections, we provide high-throughput, brightfield scanning service for your microscopy slides in our BI Histoscanner facility.

Additional services are also available in our HiLAPS platform.

Equipment access

All available equipments at the facility can be booked using Excel reservation file (one worksheet per room), by indicating both your name AND PI/group name: Histolab_Booking.xlsx

New users of the facility must participate to a hands-on training session (tissue processing & sectioning) before starting using the equipment. Please contact us directly (grp-bi-histology@helsinki.fi) to arrange a time for a training and/or for services.

List of services and associated fees for users of the University of Helsinki (effective 01/01/2022)
  • Automatic tissue processing (first rack): 70 or 100€ / standard or long run
  • Automatic tissue processing (additional rack): 30€ / run
  • Manual tissue processing (oven): 45€ / run
  • Tissue embedding (embedding station): 7€ / hour
  • Sectioning (microtome, cryostat, vibratome): 6.50€ / hour       
  • Histological staining of sections: 8€ / hour
  • Deparaffinization: 7€ / hour
  • Hands-on training (tissue processing & sectioning): 50€ / hour
  • Automatic tissue processing (first rack): 90 or 120€ / standard or long run
  • Automatic tissue processing (additional rack): 40€ / run
  • Tissue embedding: 60€ / hour
  • Sectioning (microtome, cryostat): 60€ / hour
  • Histological staining of sections: 3€ / slide
  • Deparaffinization: 2.50 € / slide

Fees include paraffin, standard disposable blades for sectioning, and chemicals for tissue processing, deparaffinization, and staining.

  • Automated tissue processor Leica ASP300S
  • Automated tissue processor Leica ASP200
  • Manual paraffin embedding station Tissue-Tek
  • Microtome Leica 2035 Jung Biocut
  • Microtome Leica Jung RM 2055
  • Microtomes Microm HM 355
  • Microtomes Microm HM 355 S
  • Vibratome Microm HM 650 V
  • Cryostat Leica CM1950
  • Cryostat Leica CM3050
  • Manual slide staining sets Tissue-Tek II
Acknowledgement in publications

By using our services, customers agree to acknowledge the Histology Core Facility when publishing their results. Here is one example of a sentence that can be used:

  • "The facilities and expertise of the BI Histology core facility at the University of Helsinki, supported by HiLIFE, are gratefully acknowledged."

The core is located at the Institute of Biotechnology, in rooms 5026 (tissue processing), 5032a (sectioning), and 5032b (histological staining) of Biocenter 2 building (Viikinkaari 5).

Email contact: grp-bi-histology@helsinki.fi

Director: Dr Nicolas Di-Poï; Technician: Kaisa Ikkala