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By donating to science, you are helping the University of Helsinki build a more sustainable future through education and research. You can donate to a research field of your choice to support studies and research.
Support the top-notch life science research and research infrastructures

Support research at HiLIFE Helsinki Institute of Life Science. HiLIFE - one of the leading life science research institutes in the Nordics - fosters outstanding research and generation of innovations across the University of Helsinki campuses to create an attractive international environment where today’s grand challenges in health and environment are solved together. 

You can support the work of HiLIFE research fellows, innovation activities or the top-notch research infrastructures by donating to HiLIFE. You can target your donation to any of HiLIFE’s three units - the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM, Institute of Biotechnology (BI) or Neuroscience Center (NC) – or more specifically to a certain research group. Here you can find our research groups and the important research infrastructures.


Donating is easy and secure: You can donate to the University of Helsinki online or by bank transfer. You can either choose “HiLIFE Helsinki Institute of Life Science” at the online donation form and write more about your wish on the message field or target your donation to HiLIFE activities by donating via bank transfer and writing your wish in the message field. Read more about donating here. We are also glad to provide assistance, if required.

Donations between €850 and €500,000 made over a single calendar year by private individuals and estates to Finnish universities are tax deductible. Organisations have the right to deduct from tax monetary donations of €850 to €250,000 that have been made to promote the preservation of art, science or Finnish cultural heritage to an EEA state or to a publicly funded university or other higher education institution located in the EEA or to a university fund operating in connection with such an institution. In this context, organisation means a limited liability company, association or foundation. Read more.

If you are a US resident, you can donate to the University of Helsinki through KBFUS. This will make you eligible for a tax deduction in the US (KBFUS is considered a public charity under sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code). Read more about donating in the United States

By donating to science, you are helping the University of Helsinki build a more sustainable future through education and research. Each donation provides important support to researchers and students. As a donor, you are part of the university community – thank you for your support for the best of the world.