Call for HiLIFE tenure track Assistant/Associate Professor positions

HiLIFE tenure track program aims to attract the most talented and motivated individuals. In the previous two calls HiLIFE has recruited 10 assistant/associate professors, who to date have been able to achieve 6 ERC grants during their years at the University of Helsinki. We are now recruiting three new assistant/associate professors to join this excellent crowd! Follow updates on the process here.

The recruitment process is carried out by an Appointment Committee. The HiLIFE tenure track positions start 2023 at the earliest and are initially for three to five years with a possibility for promotion and tenuring following successful evaluation. The aim is to recruit three scientists, but additional places may be available in collaboration with HiLIFE operational units.

The positions are shared between one of the HiLIFE units and one of the participating life science faculties in Viikki, Meilahti and Kumpula campuses. We encourage applicants from all fields of life science to apply.  The faculties participate in the call and encourage applications especially from the following fields:

Latest updates on the tenure track call

The application period for this tenure track call ended on 25.8., and a total of 305 eligible applications were received within the deadline.

Majority of the applicants are males (61%, 186), whereas females make up 31% (113) of the total. Ca. 2% (6) of the applicants did not disclose their gender or stated it as other.

The global attractiveness of the HiLIFE 2022 tenure track call is visible on the wide base of candidates' countries of residence. The most represented countries are following:

  1. Finland 41% (125)
  2. United States 10% (31)
  3. Germany 5% (15)
  4. India 5% (15)
  5. Sweden 4% (12)

Next steps on the recruitment process

The applications were reviewed against the eligibility criteria during late August 2022, and the Appointment Committee has recently initiated the 1st stage evaluation process shortlisting the applicants. Applicants can expect to receive results from the 1st stage evaluation by mid-October 2022.

Following the initial evaluation, the shortlisted candidates will go through a 2nd stage external evaluation during October-November 2022. Selected applicants are then invited to interviews held in January 2023.

The entire recruitment process is due to be finalized in March 2023, with the announcement of new HiLIFE tenure track assistant and associate professors.

We seek talented candidates with a doctorate degree, post-doctoral experience, and recent demonstration of excellence in research in life sciences according to career stage. We build on scientific excellence; a suitable candidate has for example already produced early-career scientific track record, attracted funding, and is now ready to start working independently. The successful candidate shows potential to be a future research leader, and is expected to develop an independent externally funded line of research in current or emerging areas of life sciences. We are looking for individuals also capable of contributing to the development of life science infrastructures and/or higher education in evolving areas of life sciences.  Early-stage independent researchers are especially encouraged to apply.

For formal qualifications, please see The degree requirement must be met by the end of the application deadline.

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The positions come with an attractive negotiable startup package, and are initially for three to five years with a possibility for extension or tenuring following successful evaluation. All positions are shared between HiLIFE units and one of the participating faculties. Contracts during the tenure track are with HiLIFE and following tenuring at the faculty.  The salary is negotiable within the framework of the University of Helsinki regulations.

HiLIFE takes a proactive and transformative role in ensuring that our institute is the best place for everyone to conduct their work. Our Code of Conduct translates the University of Helsinki values and principles into practical guidelines that define how we behave and wish to be treated with zero tolerance against inappropriate behavior, bullying, harassment, or discrimination.

Applications are submitted as a single pdf attachment via the link at the bottom of the page. On the separate attached pdf, the applicant includes the following:

  • a motivation letter (max 1 page);
  • curriculum vitae including teaching experience and contact information for 2 referees (max 2 pages excl references);
  • a list of not more than 20 publications, patents, invention disclosures, and/or other important research output, including five highlighted key publications with a brief summary of their importance on top;
  • a research plan (max 2 pages excluding references).

The application form was closed on August 25, 2022, and no new applications are accepted for this call.

Evaluation of applications is carried out by an Appointment Committee and includes external referee statements and interviews of shortlisted applicants. Finalists must successfully complete an interview process that includes a research seminar and teaching demonstration. The interviews took place on January 9 – 11, 2023. The recruitment is expected to be completed in March 2023.

The current appointment committee:

  • Professor Johanna Mappes, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, chair since shortlisting to site visits (orig. member)
  • Professor Mikko Airavaara, Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Professor Maria Fredriksson-Ahomaa, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (orig. member)
  • Professor Simo Huotari, Faculty of Science (orig. member)
  • Professor Anu-Katriina Pesonen, Faculty of Medicine

Former appointment committee members (first, internal evaluations):

  • Professor Satu Mustjoki, Faculty of Medicine, former chair
  • Research Director Eero Castren, Neuroscience Center, HiLIFE
  • Professor Ville Hietakangas, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences
  • Professor Elina Ikonen, Faculty of Medicine
  • Professor Samuli Ripatti, FIMM, HiLIFE
  • Professor Maija Tenkanen, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Docent, Assistant Professor Merja Voutilainen, Faculty of Pharmacy

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Head of Administration Jonna Katajisto, tel: +358 50 415 1096, e-mail: jonna.katajisto(at)


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