Venue hire

The Observatory facilities can be rented for special occasions and meetings. The Argelander Hall and the East Rotunda in the historic building are idyllic venues for a variety of events. The renter has access to the secluded garden as well.

NB! The information on this page applies to bookings by customers from outside the University of Helsinki. For internal University of Helsinki customers, see the instructions on Flamma:


The Argelander Hall has seating and desk space for 24 people (lecture-room style). Without desks, the seating capacity is about 60. The venue can be used for cocktail receptions and dinners as well. For dinners, both the Argelander Hall and the East Rotunda can be used, providing enough space for 32 + 12 guests. Alternatively, a buffet table can be placed, for example, in the smaller room (East Rotunda), leaving enough space on the tables for 32 guests. For cocktail receptions, the facilities can fit a total of just over 70 guests.

The Argelander Hall is equipped with a 90-inch smart board, speakers and a video projector. Also available is a laptop (Internet connection, Windows 10, and Microsoft Office software) and a moveable 55-inch touch screen.

The two facilities are always hired together. The total rent is EUR 95 per hour or part thereof (Mon–Wed 8.00–17.00, Thu 8.00–20.00, Fri 8.00–17.00 and Sat 12.00–16.00) and outside these hours, EUR 150 per hour or part thereof. Venue rental hours must include the time required for arrangements, if any. The premises can be booked until 01:00 including the time for arrangements.

A tour of the Observatory can be included in the rental of the facilities.

The Observatory is not responsible for any property lost on the premises. However, you can contact our customer service to enquire about lost property.

02941 24244

The Argelander can seat 24 people in a lecture-room style layout.

The Argelander Hall can seat 16 + 16 guests in a sit-down dinner.

In addition to the 32 guests seated in the Argelander Hall, 12 guests can be seated at a table in the East Rotunda.

The East Rotunda has seating for 12 guests around a table.

A large table has often been set in the East Rotunda with light refreshments or a buffet-type meal.

The Argelander Hall and the East Rotunda are separated by double doors.

Facility renters have access to the Observatory’s intimate garden as well.

The garden has outdoor tables and chairs.

A guided tour can include a visit to the tower located in the garden.

The garden can be used as additional space for events, especially in the summer.