The University museum's main exhibition opens in August

The exhibition "The Power of Thought" in University's main building is closed for the present but will open again on 17th of August.

While museums have been opening from the beginning of June, the University museum's main exhibition stays closed for now. The main building is closed for students and visitors in June and remains closed in July due to repair works.

The University museum is currently preparing the opening of its three units. Due to the coronavirus situation, we will take the necessary safety measures at the main exhibition, the Observatory and the Art Room. Cleaning will be extra careful, the number of visitors will be restricted and walking directions at the exhibition will be given. No venue reservations are accepted until August 17. Also, we do not accept reservations for guided tours for now in order to ensure safe distances for our visitors.

The museum's collection services are also closed due to the transfer of the museum's collections. However, we try to provide services via e-mail if possible. The Observatory opens its doors on June 25. Art classes continue after August 17 if the epidemic situation permits.

You can visit our online exhibitions and find information about our collections on our website.

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