Safer Space in the Library

Together we strive to make the library a safe environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.
We do not discriminate against anyone

We strive not to offend or belittle anyone through our words or actions.  

We avoid prejudices and stereotypes

We make no assumptions about anyone's ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, gender, religion, socio-economic background, health or ability. We let people be as they are.

We give each other space

We respect everyone’s personal space and do not touch each other without permission. We also give space to each other's opinions and contributions.  

We are open to feedback

We are allowed to ask questions and make mistakes. If we unintentionally offend someone, we apologise.  

We intervene in inappropriate behaviour

If we notice discrimination, harassment or other inappropriate behaviour, we will intervene.  

What should I do if I see inappropriate behaviour?

If you notice inappropriate behaviour or harassment in the library, please contact our customer service staff.  

If you have experienced discrimination or harassment, you can also contact our harassment advisors: hulib-harassmentadvisor [a]

Harassment advisors in the library