Photographing and filming in Helsinki University Library

The Helsinki University Library facilities are a public space where photographing and filming are permitted.

Kaisa House, the campus libraries and learning centres are designed to be primarily peaceful working environments for the University community so all photographing and filming in these facilities must be carried out in a way that does not cause unnecessary disturbance for the customers.
Pho­to­graph­ing and film­ing for per­sonal use

Photographing and filming for personal use is permitted in public spaces such as libraries.

Library buildings and public premises can be freely photographed and filmed for personal use as long as this does not disturb their regular use.

Please note that for photographing and filming people, you always need permission from the persons involved.

In all open spaces, it is important to make sure that photographing, filming or related noise does not disturb the peaceful working conditions of the customers or staff.

For the me­dia

News media and other press are welcome to photograph and film at the Helsinki University Library facilities.

Because the library is often used for this purpose, please notify the library communications team of the time of your shoot:

or in urgent matters by calling.

Contact Communications
For pro­duc­tion com­pan­ies

The Helsinki University Library facilities can also be rented to be used as background for other types of photography and filming.

In case of movie, television, documentary and similar productions by production companies, please contact the library communications team in advance to agree on schedules and shooting arrangements.

Please contact library communications:

University of Helsinki does not provide its premises for commercial use, such as advertising campaigns.

Pho­tos of the Library Spaces

University of Helsinki maintains an open photo bank. There are photos of all the Helsinki University Library premises in the photo bank.

Media may use the photos free of charge in the context of research, studies or other topics related to University of Helsinki. Other use is not allowed.

Media must credit the photographer if the name is available in the photo bank (in the description or other metadata). The source must be quoted as Helsinki University Library.