Theses, journals and special collection from Viikki are available now in the Main Library

The collections are culled, consolidated and moved during the spring, and some of the Viikki resources are permanently relocated to the Main Library at Kaisa House.

Journals moved from Viikki are now available to customers in the Main Library at Kaisa House. The journals can be found on the K4 floor of the Kaisa House. 

Theses and special collection are in the Kaisa House closed stacks. In the Helka database, you can make a storage retrieval request free of charge for materials in the closed stacks. You will receive an email notification when your requested item is ready for collection. You can also check your customer data in Helka to find out when your requested materials are ready for collection. Click her for further information on the storage retrieval request.

The collections, facilities and services of the Viikki Campus Library will be available, as a rule, until Friday, 29 May 2020. As of June, the library will be closed.

In August 2020, the joint temporary premises of the Viikki Campus Library and the public library in Viikki will be opened on the fourth floor of Info Centre Korona. These premises will be open to the users of both libraries until the actual facilities are completed in summer 2021.

Click her for further information on the website Viikki Campus Library Renewed.