Promoting open science at a commendable level

According to the national monitoring of open science and research 2022 the promotion of open science is at a very good level in the University of Helsinki.

The results of national monitoring of open science and research were published on 31 October 2022. The structure of the survey is based on the national Declaration for Open Science and Research, which has been signed by more than 60 Finnish organizations in addition to the University of Helsinki.

According to the results, the University of Helsinki was well-placed. On a scale of 1–5, the university's level of openness became 4/5, which is also the national average for universities. An excellent result of 5/5 was obtained for open publication, as well as the openness of data and infrastructures. The level of progress in open education was nation wide determined weaker than the other open science areas. Read more about the monitoring in Flamma news (requires logging in with the University of Helsinki user account).

Did you know?

  • Study materials can be opened through the national Open Educational Materials Digital Service (
  • The library offers university researchers the opportunity to open course books at Helda Open Books.
  • The Library´s Editor service is suitable for learning open peer review practices.
  • The University's Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are welcome by all.