The library's Rainbow Shelf brings you reading tips for Pride month

To celebrate Pride Month we have put together a wide range of reading recommendations for the Library's Rainbow Shelf. You will find plenty of reading tips on queer research and other nonfiction, and also queer memoirs and fiction.

The Library celebrates Pride Month by offering an even wider range of queer reading tips. The Rainbow Shelf now includes nonfiction and research literature, queer history and biographies, and also queer fiction as a new addition.

You'll find reading on transgender rights, the origin of the Pride movement, LGBTQ inclusive education, queer history, and many other fascinating topics. Our fiction selection ranges from familiar classics to more recent works.

The Library's Rainbow Shelf can be found in Helka database, and it's available to our customers all year round.

This year the University of Helsinki Pride events will be held during the last two weeks of June. LGBTQI+ rights – successes and challenges in a global context event will be held on June 20 at 1-2.30 pm at Kaisa House, but you can also participate online. You can find more information on the Library's website. 

During the Pride week you also have a chance to participate in a Pride Café on June 29 at 3-5 pm in the Kaisa House Guidance Corner. At the Café you can make signs for the Pride parade and meet other members of the university community. For more information about the Pride café, see the Studies Service. 

The Library's themed collection dives deeper into the subject 

Themed collections are curated by the Library's specialists, and they offer a selection of books, journals and other information sources on various current topics.

You will find themed collections in Helka's main navigation menu - come and check them out! 

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