Library offers access to reference material for thesis writers

Helsinki University Library offers the possibility for HU students who are writing their thesis to use the library’s reference material during the exceptional situation. The reference material is journals, reference books, printed theses and some of the digital theses.

The student cannot ask for the materials directly from the library, it has to come via a supervisor or teacher. The supervisor or teacher may send the student’s request to the library. So discuss your needs with your supervisor first, and if the material is necessary for your work, ask your supervisor to send a request to the library. The Library has sent the instructions to supervisors and teachers before Easter.

Please observe that it can take up to two weeks for us to provide the material.

This special service does not apply to the material that can normally be borrowed from the library. Those orders are still done with its own form.

The Library mainly recommends digital material to the thesis writers, and hope that you order printed material only if there is a good and well-motivated reason.

Help for the students regarding the digital material