Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Arts

The postdoctoral fellowship in the arts aims to develop new forms of cooperation and dialogue between art and scholarship. The postdoctoral researchers in the arts are appointed through a highly selective international competition. Applications for the position of the postdoctoral researcher in the arts are invited once a year in the fall through a general application procedure.

The fall 2018 fellowship call for 2019-2020 is now open (from August 23 to September 13, 4 pm).

2019 Application procedure:


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The postdoctoral fellowship in the arts programme is funded by the Kone Foundation.   

Past Fellows:


  • Matthias de Groof:  "Audiovisual Work and Book Publication on the Iconography of Patrice Lumumba in the Arts"
  • David Ashley Kerr: "I’ll Be Your Mirror: The Performed Gaze in Contemporary Photomedia Art"


  • Tero Nauha: “Non-standard Performance: body and performance in conjunction with the posthumanist philosophy and artistic research”
  • Annette Arlander: “Performing with plants”


  • Esthir Lemi:  “The Parenthetical Window: Performing in a full Multimodal Artificial Environment adapted to the Circadian Rhythm”
  • Maija Timonen: “The Defrosted Father - Vicissitudes of Family in Economic Crisis”


  • Lea Kantonen: “Performing the Multilingual Museum: Collaborative Planning and Documentation”
  • Taina Riikonen: “Philosopher’s voice as Experimental Radiophony"


Members of the evaluation Panel:               

Paulo de Assis (Orpheus Instituut, Belgium) 
Gertrud Sandqvist (Malmö Art Academy)