HCAS Core Fellowship: how to apply

  • Ability to work in an international research environment of a high standard
  • Ability to participate in the inter- and multidisciplinary cooperation fostered by the Collegium
  • Doctoral degree must have been conferred by the deadline for applications. In addition to holding a doctoral degree, successful applicants are expected to have other academic merits.
  • The results of the proposed research can be published in high-quality international journals or by a distinguished publisher.

The Director of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced studies makes the appointments on the basis of an evaluation of the applications made by the Collegium’s international evaluators and a statement by the Collegium Executive Board.

The evaluation of applications is based on the following criteria:
1) the scientific merit, theoretical and methodological framework and feasibility of the research proposal
2) the interdisciplinary potential of the researcher and research subject
3) the applicant’s academic qualifications in relation to his or her level of seniority

Appointment decisions will be published in February 2019.

The application will consist of the following documents:

  1. The application in the electronic recruitment system
  2. An abstract of the research proposal (4000 characters)
  3. A Curriculum vitae (8000 characters)
  4. A List of publications (8000 characters)
  5. The research proposal (12000 characters)
  6. A Letter of motivation (8000 characters)

Do I have to have established contacts with the University of Helsinki before I can apply?

You are requested to be in contact with a department, researcher or research group of the University of Helsinki before sending the application and explain in the motivation letter how the planned cooperation will be carried out during your period at the Collegium. The letter should explicitly show why the your research should be conducted at the Collegium and how the research will promote interdisciplinary cooperation at the University of Helsinki

Can I apply again even if my application was rejected?

Yes you can.

Can I apply again after my HCAS fellowship period ends?

We do not grant direct extensions to the same people, not even if you apply with a new research proposal. After our Fellows have been somewhere else in between, they are welcome to reapply.

How should I write down my publication plan in the research proposal?

Be as detailed as possible in terms of where, what and how many articles/publications you intend to publish. Also, try to be realistic. If your publication plan is particularly ambitious, you have to be able to convince the evaluators of your ability to deliver on the plan.

Does the HCAS have any disciplinary quotas?

No we don’t, but as stated below, in the very last stage of decision-making disciplinary considerations do play a role.

I just realized I have made a mistake in my application. Can I resend it?

You may make changes to your application in the recruitment system during the application period. Once the evaluation process is underway, we do not accept corrections to the application materials. Please refer to the point below for more information.

Can I update my application after the application  period has ended?

If, during the evaluation process, you wish to inform us of developments relating to your career progress (significant publication contracts, promotions, significant grants etc.) you may do so by contacting us at collegium-hr@helsinki.fi. We will relate that information to the evaluators, but we will not update your application materials.

Who reads and evaluates my application?

Above you may find our "Instructions for applicants" and "Instructions for Evaluators" in order to see how the evaluation process goes and what we ask our evaluators to do.

What is the monthly salary in the different fellowship positions (postdoc, university researcher and research director)?

Research director’s salary will be based on levels 8 - 10 of the demands level chart for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of the Finnish universities. An average starting salary for a newly appointed research director (full professor level) is ca. 5700 euros/month (pre-tax). The salary of a university researcher (mid-career position) is based on levels 6-7 with the starting salary of about 4000 euros/month (4700 euros/month) (pre-tax). And the starting salary of a post-doctoral researcher is based on level 5 with the starting salary of about 3500 euros/month (pre-tax).

I have just received another fellowship that overlaps with my appointment at HCAS. Can I postpone the HCAS fellowship?