Workshop "Digital parliamentary data and research"

Friday 3 May 2019 at 12.


Aalto University (Otaniemi), Room T4 / A238 (Konemiehentie 2)

12.00 Welcome, pizza & salad lunch (Aalto Heldig DH Pizza)

-Presentation by Kimmo Makkonen (UTU): Topic modelling the parliamentary speeches in Eduskunta 1999-2014: does male and female MPs have different topics?


-Antti Pajala (UTU): Parliamentary votes and MPs' private initiatives - data and research

13.15 Coffee

13.30 Parliamentary data: research, development and applications

-Måns Magnusson (Aalto): Parliamentary data in Sweden / “Voices from the far right: a text analysis of Swedish parliamentary debates”

-Kimmo Elo (UTU): "Europe" from a German perspective: the proceedings of the Bundestag studied with digital methods

-Salla Simola (Aalto): Polarization of political speech: a text analysis of Finnish parliamentary debates

-Kimmo Kettunen (NLF): Using a Lexical Semantic Tagger for analysis of Finnish parliamentary protocols 1907-2000

-Teemu Kiviniemi (YLE), Development of the Voitto robot, citizens’ watchbot monitoring the Parliament

15.00 Conclusion: data, tools and research—what next?

-Mietta Lennes (FIN-CLARIN): FIN-CLARIN and Language Bank Parliamentary data

-Eero Hyvönen, Matti La Mela (Aalto, HELDIG): Semantic Parliament project: Linked Parliament of Finland Data (1907-) and services

-Concluding discussion

Seminar is open for everyone to join. Please register for catering at or by email to