Science and society

thu dec 1 session 8 16:15 - 18:00

Chair: Mikko Tolonen (Helsinki)

Caroline Bassett (Sussex): Enough of Experts? Publics, public knowledge, and expertise


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About the speaker:

Prof. Bassett earned her PhD from Sussex University where she is currently professor of media and communications and Director of the Sussex Humanities Lab. She is also co-investigator in the Communities and Cultures Network Plus (CCN+), which facilitates research, knowledge exchange, and innovative connections in digital technological change. She is especially interested in digital media, culture, and society; tech innovation issues; and digital narrative. She is based in Brighton (UK).

Panel discussion: So What? Discussion on #PHOS16

Discussing the topics covered at the conference and how to move forward are Koen Vermeir, Caroline Bassett, Manuela Fernández Pinto, José Filipe Silva, and Leo Lahti.

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