HELDIG aims at making longstanding strategic profiling changes in Digital Humanities research at the University of Helsinki, and at supporting and coordinating already existing research in related fields.

We establish joint projects and collaborations within the HELDIG Network in Finland and internationally in EU, US, and beyond.

HELDIG Research can be divided into three parts: 1) work at "HELDIG Core", 2) work under HELDIG professorships, and 3) work at the Department of Digital Humanities, Faculty or Arts, hosting HELDIG.


HELDIG Core coordinates the activities at HELDIG. However, HELDIG Core is also an active research unit. The research at HELDIG Core has been carried out by the multidisciplinary Semantic Computing Research Goup (SeCo) active at the University of Helsinki and Aalto University, Department of Computer Science.

HELDIG Professorships

HELDIG supports research at eight professorships that were established and funded by the intial HELDIG grant in 2016–2020 (see the tab COMMUNITY for further links):

  1. Digital humanities and global interaction. Prof. Eetu Mäkelä
  2. Digital Social Science. Prof. Krista Lagus
  3. Digital Innovations and Consumer Society. Prof. Minna Ruckenstein
  4. Algorithmic Data Science for SSH Applications. Prof. Michael Mathioudakis
  5. Legal Research on Digitalization. Prof. Riikka Koulu
  6. Russian Big Data Methodologies. Prof. Daria Gritsenko
  7. Religion and the Digital World. Prof. Katja Valaskivi
  8. Big Data Learning Analytics. Prof. Petri Ihantola

Department of Digital Humanities

Professors and researchers at the Department of Digital Humanities, Faculty of Arts, have a double affiliation to HELDIG.