Program for the Second Annual Digital History in Finland Conference & Symposium on Quantitative History

Titles of talks link to abstracts where available.

9:00-9:10 Welcome & introduction

9:10-10:30 Session 1: Futures of Finnish Digital History

Anna Kajander: Books, readers and digitalisation

Mats Fridlund: Digital History 1.5: Conceptualizing near, liminal, semi-automatic or qualiquant digital history research

Mila Oiva: In a Candy Store: Dreams on Interesting Methods

Petri Paju: Drawing a Roadmap for Digital History in Finland?

10:30-10:40 Break

10:40-12:10 Session 2: Quantifying time and place

Jani Karhu: City as a place of memory and meanings: Case Vyborg

Sakari Saaritsa: Mortality and morbidity responses to water investments in Finnish cities, 1880s-1960s

Samuli Simelius: Pompejilainen peristyylipuutarha sosioekonomisen edustamisen muotona

12:10-13:00 Lunch

13:00-14:30 Session 3: Social and economic shifts quantified

Reetta Hänninen: Kylmistä luvuista kiinnostaviksi tarinoiksi – numerot naistoimittajien polkuja valaisemassa

Aaro Sahari: Comparing Finnish shipbuilding output globally, 1920-1960: sources, methods, and issues

Matti Sarvimäki: Habit Formation and the Misallocation of Labor: Evidence from Forced Migrations

14:30-15:00 Coffee

15:00-16:30 Panel discussion

16:30-17:30 Sparkling wine