Welcoming words by Mikko Tolonen

Koen Vermeir (Paris): Open Science: The Big Picture

Werner Reichmann (Konstanz): Open Science, Epistemic Culture, and Social Structures

Manuela Fernández Pinto (Universidad de los Andes): Open Science closed for business?

Inkeri Koskinen (Helsinki): Commercialisation Threatening Openness in Transdisciplinary Research

Arto Mustajoki (Helsinki): Open Data in the Framework of a New Approach to Research Ethics

Katrien Maes (LERU): Europe Needs Ongoing Efforts to Promote Research Integrity – What LERU Universities Contribute to the Debate

Jennifer Rampling (Princeton): Reproducibility and the Language of Alchemy

Scott Chamberlain (rOpenSci): Software and Best Practices to Facilitate Open Science

Mikael Laakso (Hanken): Charting the Evolving Landscape between Paywalls and Sustainable Open Access: Practices, Problems, and Solutions

Benedikt Fecher (Berlin): Publishing and the Limits of Openness

Samuli Ollila (NMRLipids/Aalto): Open Collaboration Method Developed in NMRlipids Project

Jeffrey Witt (Loyola): Texts as Networks: The Promise and Challenge of Publishing Humanities Texts as Open Data Networks

Michael Markie (F1000): OPEN SESAME – Let’s Free Peer Review and the Sharing of Research

Camilla Mørk Røstvik (St Andrews): ‘Too Ambitious’? The History of Women and Publishing at the Royal Society in the 20th and 21st century

Caroline Bassett (Sussex): Enough of Experts? Publics, public knowledge, and expertise

Wrap-up panel