Support for data-related issues in Digital Humanities

HELDIG has joined forces with FIN-CLARIN in organizing Corpus Clinic, a yearly course designed for students in Digital Humanities who are working on Master's or PhD thesis and are struggling with data-related issues. The next Corpus Clinic starts with a kick-off meeting on Friday 9th November.

In the Corpus Clinic, you will learn about the various methods and tools that are available for managing, processing and analyzing your data. You will also learn to write a data management plan.

During the spring term – after passing the initial stage of the course – each participant will have the opportunity to meet with a member of the supporting group of digital humanities experts who can help you with more specific questions about your data analysis. More information about this will be provided during the course.

Students from the University of Helsinki as well as from other universities in Finland can enrol by 9th November. Please note that a limited number of participants can be accepted. See further instructions on the course page!

HELDIG also provides free consultation sessions and matchmaking services for the research community of digital humanities. Do you have a humanities research question that could be solved by computational methods, but you don't have the skills, or do you have valuable data that could be harnessed by a computer science team looking for new challenges and collaboration? Contact HELDIG Data Clinic!