Digital Humanities teaching in 2021-22

The Department of Digital Humanities offers a MA study track and a minor study block in digital humanities that is open to all MA level students and you can fit DH studies into any MA degree at the University of Helsinki. An introductory Digital Humanities and Social Sciences BA level course is organized in spring.

Humanist studying computational methods? It has been reported that the humanist with digital skills is given a welcome reception in the job market, so this might not be such a crazy idea after all. Additionally, research that incorporates digital humanities elements has an ever increasing prospect, and impact, in academia. The DIGIHUM modules do not require any previous programming skills, although we offer a separate track for those with more advanced computational experience. For the academic year 2021–22 we have updated our course lists. Welcome to explore Digital Humanities!

MA pro­gramme, minor study blocks and BA intro course

We offer an advanced DH study track in the MA programme Linguistic Diversity and Digital Humanities. For students in other MA programmes, we provide two versions of the DH study block: a compact 15-credit option, or a 30-credit option for deeper knowledge.

In addition, a BA level course Introduction to Digital Humanities and Social Sciences will be organized in spring 2021 – both in Finnish and English.

In­tro­duc­tory courses

The course schedule is designed with those doing a whole study block (15/30 credits minor or advanced studies as MA track) of digital humanities in mind. For this reason, the two mandatory introductory DH courses are taught subsequently during the first two periods.

Elements of Digital Humanities course will be taught in the first period (8.9.–20.10.2021) on Mondays and Wednesdays:…

Computational Literacy course will be taught in the second period (1.11.–15.12.2021) on Mondays and Wednesdays:

Other courses

For a list of other possible courses to choose from and more information about the structure of digital humanities module etc., see: