Matres abstract

History bits - curation and musealization of the past in students' displays (request discussion paper from ines.

In this presentation I introduce the travelling concept of curation, as it has been borrowed from the craft of museum professionals as a metaphor to describe how in the digital age, youth does things online. This concept surfaced while doing fieldwork in upper-secondary schools interviewing history teachers and after visiting a class of one of them. In this class, students present specific chapters of history using only a few artworks or artefacts found online. This case study suggests several research questions around how students arrange these ‘exhibitions’ and in doing so how they make sense of the past. After presenting curation as a travelling concept and the data collected so far, I would like to exchange ideas about how it resonates with teaching and learning, and will particularly be interested in hearing reflections from experienced DH lecturers and learners.

Background: in my PhD, I research how digitisation has shifted established relationships between cultural heritage institutions and schools and how digital cultural heritage is perceived and understood by school communities.