Introduction to digital humanities (Fall 2016)

Introduction to digital humanities

After this course the student understands the scope of digital humanities and the interplay between the digital and the main research questions as they are formulated in humanities.

The student has familiarised herself with different approaches, both in theory and in practice, within the broad field of digital humanities. She is able to evaluate relevant methods within the field with respect to their relevance to particular research questions. The student knows digital resources and has used different kinds of digital materials. She has an idea about data management and basic questions relating to it. The student understands the relevance of open research and publishing to digital humanities. She also understands the basics of ethical questions regarding digital humanities.

  • What is digital humanities
  • Interplay of research questions ↔ research methods ↔ digital resources
    • Ecosystems as an answer to the how of digital humanities
  • Case studies a major method for demonstrating question -> method & data
  • Cross-cutting focus on open, reproducible research and publishing
  • Digital humanities in practice 4: participation in a DH symposium
  • Research data management

Time: Tuesdays, 14-16, Periods I & II, 13.9.2016-13.12.2016

Venue: ???

Teachers: Mikko Tolonen & Eetu Mäkelä

Max number of students: 35

Credits: 5