Human Sciences – Computing Interaction (HSCI) Research Group


Human Sciences – Computing Interaction

Led by associate professor Eetu Mäkelä, the HSCI research group seeks to develop better computational research processes in the humanities and social sciences. In doing so, we develop technical tools, algorithms and workflows, but also study ways to better structure the research process overall.

Our primary approach in doing this is to partner simultaneously with multiple projects in the humanities and social sciences. Through working with projects that operate in different subfields, but still have commonalities in either data or analysis needs, we are able to see past individual scenarios. This way, we are able to identify and target broader classes of issues, both in tool building as well as the overall process of computational research itself.

Projects and research groups we are working on or have worked with include FLOPO, FILTERCOMHIS, STRATASCofK, RROL and Humanities+Design in addition to many smaller collaborations.

Current Interests