A central goal of HELDIG is to foster use of digital methods, tools, and services in Humanities and Social Sciences. To advance this, HELDIG organizers not only courses for students but also educational and disemination activities targeted for researchers and teachers willing employ digital methods more is their work. Such lifelong learning  activities take place at the HELDIG Digital Humanities Forum, and may include

  • short presentations of research areas, technology, methodology, or data service,
  • seminars and workshops of general interest,
  • tutorials,
  • presentations of projects and organizations,
  • dissemination of research results,
  • publishing events of applications and
  • other programme of interest ro the DH community.

The general goal of HELDIG Forum activities is to introduce topics of wider interest in Digital Humanities, and to provide a communication platform where representatives from the different HELDIG research areas can learn from each other and come up together with better results in their work.

The possibility of proposing an activity in the HELDIG Forum  is open for anyone in the HELDIG community. If you have an idea of a Forum event, please contact Krista Lagus Jouni Tuominen or  Eero Hyvönen  with a short draft description of your activity: Topic, presenters, date and time, targeted audicence, goals of the activity, a short description of its contents, and language used. For example, if you have given a tutorial in an international conference, why not give it also to the Finnish community in HELDIG?  HELDIG can help you  in finding a venue for the tutorial and the audience. Participation in the HELDIG Forum events is by default open and free of charge.



18.12.2017  DARIAH-FI Workshop

Topic: DARIAH is a pan-european infrastructure for arts and humanities scholars working with computational methods, one of the large EU level ERICs (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) . It supports digital research as well as the teaching of digital research methods. University of Helsinki (2017) and Aalto University (2016) are co-operative partners of DARIAH. This means that doors are open to everybody in these universities participate in  DARIAH activities, such as the workgroups. For example, HELDIG is already active in the groups "GeoHumanities" and "Analysing and Linking Biographical Data".  The DARIAH-FI Workshop discusses what does DARIAH EU offer to us, and why should we take part in this ERIC for humanities.
Targeted audience:  Researchers interested in EU collaborations within DARIAH
Presenters:  Several presenters, including Sally Chambers for DARIAH-EU