Digital Humanities Teaching, 2015-16 (updated)


Asian Studies: Digital Media in India: Religion, Culture, Society seminar course (WAS211; WAS212; WSA321; WAS 324, WED 12-14, 20.


Church History: Kirjahistorian perusteet (KH260A)

Church History: Kirjahistorian lähteet ja metodit (KH260B)

In 2015-16 we will pilot a Digital Humanities 25-credit minor subject study block at the Faculty of Arts for those University of Helsinki students who have completed their bachelor’s degree.

For an earlier post about the Digital Humanities minor subject study block see:

You can find DIGIHUM also in Weboodi. Registration to some of the courses (including mandatory “Introduction to digital humanities”, 28.10-11.12.2015) has already begun:

Digitaalinen humanismi, 2015-16

The optional courses listed in Weboodi can be supplemented, below is an updated listing of possible courses. Of new courses added to the list, note especially ”Avoin digitaalinen kulttuuriperintö” and “Digihumanismi ja tekstiaineistot” that have been particularly designed with the Digital Humanities Teaching module in mind. Also other new courses are listed! If you note that something is missing and should be listed (regarding Spring 2016 especially), please point this out.