Studying and student life at the Faculty of Theology

Theology encompasses several disciplines and a range of research methods. These disciplines offer conceptual tools and a variety of perspectives for the critical study and understanding of each sub-area.
What is it like to study theology?

The studies provide you with an excellent capacity to understand various religious, social and cultural relationships in a global world and to grasp the related chronological perspective.

You will also learn skills relating to independent and group work, information processing and interaction. In addition, the degree provides information literacy skills, ICT skills and the capacity for scientific work.

You can complete some of your studies in English. Studying abroad is another excellent opportunity to improve your language skills, while learning about new cultures, creating international networks and establishing a broader perspective on your studies and your life. You will also gain international experience that will be useful for employment.

Some of the studies in the bachelor's program in theology and religious studies are offered as open university studies to anyone interested in the subject. The studies are mainly in Finnish. However, the study program includes some courses in Islamic theology in English.


The Faculty of Theology offers education based on research in the following five disciplines:

These disciplines employ diverse and multidisciplinary approaches to exploring the roots of European religiosity; meetings of religions; the impact of theology and religion on modern Western thought, culture and society; the relationships between religion and individual and social wellbeing; and changes to religiosity in Finland, Europe and the world.  Many Bachelor’s and Master’s level courses and modules are offered in cooperation with several disciplines.

Master’s Programme in Intercultural Encounters

The Master’s Programme in Intercultural Encounters (ICE) is an English-language programme, whose the thematic module Religion and Diversity offers the opportunity to complete a Master of Theology degree.

ICE is a genuinely interdisciplinary programme where you can enhance your thinking and grow your expertise in cultural understanding. It offers insights into multidisciplinary approaches to intercultural issues, drawing from perspectives offered by Communication, Indigenous Studies, the Study of Religions, Theology, and Area and Cultural Studies. ICE also gives you the tools to succeed in internationally-oriented professional life. In addition, you will learn theoretical thinking and practical research skills.

Student life

Student life is not just about studying but also about learning and experiencing new things with the student community. The Faculty Association for Theology Students, TYT, is one of the student associations at the University of Helsinki and is among the liveliest and oldest. It was founded by imperial decree in 1853. The Association promotes the interests of its members as well as organises various kinds of events and activities.

Find out about the activities of the Faculty Association for Theology Students, TYT, and join an active student community!