The Faculty is led by the dean, who is selected for a term of four years. The Faculty Council is the Faculty’s multi-member administrative organ, chaired by the dean. The Faculty also has four vice deans, each in charge of a specific area.
Dean Marjaana Seppänen

Dean Marjaana Seppänen, Professor of Social Work.

The dean monitors the Faculty’s operations and is responsible for general Faculty operations, personnel administration and its implementation according to the human resources policy of the University as well as for the Faculty’s financial affairs.

Contact via Executive Assistant Alisa Hiltunen.

Vice-Dean Jari Eloranta

Vice-Dean Jari Eloranta, Professor of Economic and Social History.

Vice-Dean in charge of disciplines.


Vice-Dean Timo Kaartinen

Vice-Dean Timo Kaartinen, Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Vice-Dean in charge of research units.

Vice-Dean Markku Lanne

Vice-Dean Markku Lanne, Professor of Economics.

Vice-Dean in charge of degree programmes.

Vice-Dean Hanna Wass

Vice-Dean Hanna Wass, University Lecturer of Political Science.

Vice-Dean in charge of public engagement.