The Faculty of Social Sciences is a global and multidisciplinary community whose networks and influence extend throughout society.

At the Faculty, we educate experts for the private and public sectors, in addition to which many of our graduates work in organisations. Alumni from our Faculty serve not only in senior administrative and business positions, but also, for example, in politics, in the media and as private entrepreneurs.

Diverse collaboration relating to research, donations and public discussion with operators outside the University is a natural fit for our Faculty. Government ministries and research institutes, labour organisations, insurance companies, municipalities, international organisations, the European Commission and businesses from different fields have the opportunity to participate in the Faculty’s projects.

Below are some examples of the projects we have carried out with our partners.

Alumni are part of our Faculty

All graduates, exchange students and staff of the University of Helsinki are considered University alumni. The number of Faculty of Social Sciences alumni has grown close to 7,000!

Through alumni activities, members of the alumni community can expand and strengthen their networks, bring their skills up to date, and gain new inspiration for their careers and professional life. For instance, our various alumni events have been extremely popular. In fact, the Faculty’s alumni activities are aimed at establishing partnerships with former and current students and staff of the University of Helsinki, which will bring benefits and enjoyment to both alumni and the University.

Explore and read more about the University of Helsinki’s alumni services and benefits, and join the community!