Faculty of Social Sciences Book Fair 2020

Faculty of Social Sciences Book Fair took place online on 26th November 2020. Books that were presented during the Fair has been listed on this page. See also the Finnish version of this page for more books.
Politics and civic engagement
  • Em­pi­re of Law: Nazi Ger­ma­ny, Exi­le Scho­lars and the Batt­le for the Fu­tu­re of Eu­ro­pe (Kaius Tuori / Cambridge University Press 2020)

  • The Et­hics and Po­li­tics of Com­mu­ni­ty En­ga­ge­ment in Glo­bal Health Re­search (Lindsey Reynolds & Salla Sariola / Routledge 2020)

  • The Le­gi­ti­macy of Mo­dern De­moc­racy: A Stu­dy on the Po­li­tical Thought of Max We­ber, Carl Sch­mitt, and Hans Kel­sen (Pedro T. Magalhães / Routledge 2021)

  • Sc­raps of Hope in Ban­da Aceh: Gen­de­red Ur­ban Po­li­tics in the Aceh Peace Process (Marjaana Jauhola / Helsinki University Press 2020)

  • Iron Will: Glo­bal Ext­rac­ti­vism and Mi­ning Re­sis­tance in Brazil and In­dia (Markus Kröger / University of Michigan Press 2020)

Culture, consumption and everyday life
  • Dein­dustria­li­sa­tion and Po­pu­lar Music. Punk and 'Post-Punk' in Manc­hes­ter, Düs­sel­dorf, To­ri­no and Tam­pe­re (Giacomo Bottà / Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2020)
  • Eight Es­says on Rus­sian Chris­tia­ni­ties (Igor Mikeshin / Saint Petersburg Center for the History of Ideas Politekhnika Service 2020
  • The Globalization of Wine (David Inglis & Anna-Mari Almila / Bloomsbury Academic 2019)
  • Bu­ying into Chan­ge: Mass Con­sump­tion, Dic­ta­tors­hip, and De­moc­ra­tiza­tion in Franco's Spain, 1939-1982 (Alejandro J. Gomez del Moral / University of Nebraska Press 2021)
  • Concep­tua­li­sing De­mand - A Dis­tinc­ti­ve Ap­proach to Con­sum­tion and Prac­tice (Jenny Rinkinen, Elizabeth Shove ja Greg Marsden / Routledge 2020)
Health, wellbeing and welfare
  • Re­for­ming Child Wel­fa­re in the Post-So­viet Space: Ins­ti­tu­tio­nal Chan­ge in Rus­sia (Meri Kulmala, Maija Jäppinen, Anna Tarasenko ja Anna Pivovarova (toim.) / Routledge 2021)

  • Deco­lo­nizing Pathways towards In­te­gra­ti­ve Hea­ling in Social Work (Kris Clarke & Michael Yellow Bird / Routledge 2020)

  • Va­lues, know­led­ge and mo­ra­li­ty (Klaus Helkama (toim.) / Helsingin yliopisto (valtiotieteellinen tiedekunta) 2018)

  • Re­search as De­ve­lop­ment: Bio­me­dical Re­search, Et­hics and Col­la­bo­ra­tion in Sri Lan­ka (Salla Sariola & Bob Simpson / Cornell University Press 2019)

  • Di­sa­bi­li­ty, glo­ba­liza­tion and hu­man rights (Hisayo Katsui & Shuaib Chalklen (toim.) / Routledge 2020)

  • Reci­procal re­la­tions­hips and well-being: Implica­tions for social work and social po­licy (Maritta Törrönen, Carol Munn-Giddings ja Laura Tarkiainen / Routledge 2017)

  • Set­ting Li­mits. Gambling, Science and Public Po­licy (Pekka Sulkunen & työryhmä / Oxford University Press 2019)

  • The Hand­book of Be­ha­vior Chan­ge (Nelli Hankonen & työryhmä (toim.) / Cambridge University press 2020)

Research methods
  • Co­ding Social Science: Un­ders­tan­ding and Doing Com­pu­ta­tio­nal Social Science (Matti Nelimarkka / SAGE 2021 (painossa))
  • Mul­ti­va­ria­te Ana­ly­sis for the Be­ha­vio­ral Sciences (Kimmo Vehkalahti  & Brian S. Everitt / Taylor & Francis 2019)

  • Si­tua­ted Wri­ting as Theo­ry and Met­hod. The Un­ti­me­ly Aca­de­mic No­vel­la (Mona Livholts / Routledge 2019)

Social change and global phenomena
  • Social Work in a Gloca­li­sed World (Mona Livholts ja Lia Bryant / Routledge 2017)
  • In­ter­na­tio­nal Re­la­tions Nar­ra­ti­ves: Plot­ting World Po­li­tics (Riikka Kuusisto / Routledge 2020)

  • The His­to­ry and Po­li­tics of Free Mo­ve­ment wit­hin the Eu­ro­pean Union: Eu­ro­pean Bor­ders of Jus­tice (Saila Heinikoski / Bloomsbury Academic 2020)

  • Pro­per­ty, Ins­ti­tu­tions and Social Stra­ti­fica­tion in Africa (Franklin Obeng-Odoom / Cambridge University Press 2020)

  • The Com­mons in an Age of Uncer­tain­ty: Deco­lo­nizing Na­tu­re, Eco­no­my, and Socie­ty (Franklin Obeng-Odoom / 2021)

  • Rew­ri­ting the His­to­ry of the Law of Na­tions. How Ja­mes Brown Scott made Francisco de Vi­to­ria the Foun­der of In­ter­na­tio­nal Law (Paolo Amorosa / Oxford University Press 2019)

  • Om­buds­man as a Glo­bal Ins­ti­tu­tion. Trans­na­tio­nal Go­ver­nance and Accoun­ta­bi­li­ty. (Tero Erkkilä / Palgrave Macmillan 2020)