Tuomo Kuusi gets excited about mathematical problems that can be applied to practice

The European Research Council has awarded Kuusi an esteemed ERC grant.

What are your research topics

I am a mathematician who finds inspiration in questions that relate to practical problems. At the moment I’m mainly interested in systems in which random microscopic behaviours develop into macroscopic phenomena.

Where and how does the topic of your research have an impact?  

One of my research topics has to do with geothermic energy. Geophysicists are proposing a model for stone porosity, which can be seen in phenomena from measurements of boreholes several kilometres deep to images of small rocks made by utilising computed tomography. The mathematical explanation for this phenomenon is unknown.

A better understanding of it would probably lead to more effective computational algorithms which could be used to model the water cycle more precisely. Geothermic energy has great potential as a source of district heating, which has made me interested in looking at this topic in more detail.  

What is particularly inspiring in your field right now

During the past few years we’ve seen tremendous progress in the research on the key equations relating to fluid mechanics. It may well be that certain problems that are famous for remaining unsolved for a long time will be solved soon! 


Tuomo Kuusi is a professor of mathematics at the Faculty of Science.

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