The faculty is headed by the Dean, who is elected for four years at a time. The Dean oversees the work of the faculty and is responsible for its finances, general activities, and implementing the HR administration in line with the university’s staff policy, in cooperation with the Head of Development and the administrative managers. The departments of the faculty are managed by the Heads of Departments, who are elected for four years at a time.

The Faculty Council has elected Professor Kai Nordlund to the post of dean of the Faculty of Science until the end of year 2021. At the moment, Professor Nordlund is acting head of the Department of Physics and will take his post as dean by the start of October 2018.

The University of Helsinki has an organisational structure consisting of three levels. The highest – the University level – includes the University Collegium, the Board, the Rector, the Chancellor and University Services. The second level encompasses the faculties and independent institutes, while the third comprises the faculty departments and institutes.