Support for the social interaction for the Faculty of Medicine

The dean of the Faculty of Medicine has in spring 2018 called the following members for the Working group for community relations and communication:

Chairperson: Kari Reijula, vice dean, professor
Coordinator: Tiina Naskali, liaison manager

Anu Kantele, professor, The Alumni of the year 2018 for the Faculty of Medicine
Anu-Katriina Pesonen, professor
Janne Backman, professor
Kirsi Pietiläinen, professor
Jussi Merenmies, clinical teacher
Joonatan Patomo, student member, LKS (student organization for medical students)
Henrik Wistrand, deputy student member, HLKS (student organization for students of Dentistry)

The role of this working group is to promote and develop the actions of social interaction and stakeholder relations, based on the confirmed implementation plan of the Faculty of Medicine. The working group supports the lead of the faculty. The group also supports strategic communication planning and conduction of the faculty.