The Faculty is led by the dean. The dean selects vice-deans to support him or her in the development of the Faculty, the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the University and the promotion of interdepartmental cooperation as determined by the dean. During the operating period 2018–2021, the Faculty had three vice-deans, whose primary responsibility areas encompassed research, teaching and community relations.


Department of Diagnostics and Therapeutics
Field of science Surgery, anesthesiology, intensive care, radiology


Department of Pharmacology
Field of science Biomedicine

Research Programs Unit

Associate Professor
Department of Medical and Clinical Genetics
Field of science Biomedicine, Neurosciences

The Faculty Council is a multi-member administrative body. Under the direction of the dean, the Faculty Council enhances the overall operations of the Faculty in accordance with the University’s operational and financial targets, the Strategic Plan of the University and the Faculty’s target programme. The Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine includes the dean and 18 members and their deputies. The term of the Faculty Council is four years; however, the student representatives are selected for a term of two years. The Faculty Council has appointed various committees to prepare matters for decision-making.

Composition of the Faculty Council in 2018-2021

Risto Renkonen officiate as a Chairman of the Faculty Council and Tiina Järvilehto as a secretary.

  Member Deputy Member
Professors professor Janne Backman professor Ilkka Ojanperä
  professor Erkki Isometsä professor Juha Sinisalo
  professor Minna Kaila professor Leo Tjäderhane
  professor Juha Pekkanen professor Sirpa Leppä
  professor Pauli Puolakkainen professor Taina Autti
  professor Anu Wartiovaara professor Timo Otonkoski
  academy professor Katri Räikkönen-Talvitie professor Kimmo Alho
  professor Olli Carpén professor Matti Airaksinen
Other teachers and researchers and other staff laboratory technician Heli Grym laboratory engineer Solja Eurola
  clinical instructor Hanna Jarva university instructor Jari Lipsanen
  academy research fellow Outi Kilpivaara academy research fellow Riikka Kivelä
  project accountant Marja-Liisa Köppä coordinator Maarit Raukola
  university lecturer Maarit Hölttä-Vuori clinical instructor Vedran Stefanovic
Students Fredrik Ahlström Émil Yliheljo
  Ivar Lönnberg Mikael Mauno
  Karolina Reijonen Laila Ketvel
  Sirke Virkkunen Ville Liu
  Mikko Vuorela Vilma Rouhiainen

The Fac­ulty Coun­cil’s meet­ings and minutes

The minutes of the meetings are available on the Flamma (log in using your University username and password). The minutes are published once the chair and secretary of the meeting have signed them. A request to read the minutes can be submitted to the Faculty Council’s secretary. Extracts from the minutes will be sent to the relevant parties after the minutes have been examined.