Information about the faculty

The Faculty of Medicine is a high-quality multidisciplinary and international teaching and research organisation. Our activities help to further develop world-class Finnish healthcare. At the Faculty of Medicine, all activities are based on responsibility and sustainability.

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There have not been any significant changes in the number of person years within the Faculty during the last 3 years. For genders, the number of women is considerably higher than men (61,7%). Professors 115, associate professors 21 (out of which 15 second stage) and academy professors 2. There are also two nominated working life professors within the faculty.


The Medical Faculty publications represent approx. a third of the Helsinki University publications as a whole. The major part of the publications have been made in cooperation with HUS (Helsinki University Hospital). The number of publications is increasing every year within the Faculty. In addition the number of publications within open access channels and parallel publishings has incresed.


At the Faculty of Medicine there are five basic educational degree programmes

  • Dentistry
  • Logopedics
  • Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Translational degree programme

In addition, the faculty of medicine offers medical specialist training, dental specialist training, psychotherapist training, spcialist psychologist training, specialist training in general practice as well as supplementary training for specialist doctors.

In terms of the number of applicants, the Faculty of Medicine remains the most popular faculty at the University. While the number of applicants continued to decline compared to previous years, the share of admitted applicants remained at only 4%. As in previous years, the degree programme in medicine and the degree programme in psychology were the most popular programmes among applicants.


    498 basic level degrees were taken, out which 83 were lower level degrees and 415 higher level degrees within following educational programs:

    • Dentistry program
    • Logopedics program
    • Medical program
    • Psychology program
    • Translational medical program

    Other degrees

    • A total of 678 medical specialists and 39 dental specialists graduated from the Faculty in 2021. Nationwide data for 2022 are not yet available.
    • In addition, 57 neuropsychologists, 14 psychotherapists and 25 specialists in clinical mental health psychology graduated from the Faculty in 2022.

    The major part of the Faculty’s funding (60%) consists of additional funding. The largest financiers are The Finnish Academy (22%) and different domestic financiers (including foundations) (18%).