Doctoral education

The doctoral education offered by the doctoral programmes of the Faculty of Arts equips students with a broad range of knowledge and skills for employment as researchers or as experts outside academia. Doctoral graduates in the humanities have in-depth knowledge about their research field and its social significance, have mastered the research methods of their field and can apply them critically to produce new scientific knowledge. They can also apply their unique expertise and general scientific understanding in the labour market, for example, to managing projects, reporting results and resolving problems.

Doctoral degrees include not only a doctoral dissertation, but also compulsory studies, which can be flexibly planned to support the doctoral student’s future plans. In addition to methodological and theoretical studies, degree studies may relate to communication, pedagogy, science administration and management. Students can earn credits through traditional completion methods as well as by presenting conference papers, producing scientific publications, providing teaching and organising events. An individually constructed degree enables students to develop their expertise based on their own interests.

Supervision plays a key role in the successful completion of studies. At the beginning of studies, new doctoral students decide on functional research practices with the help of supervisors and the scientific community. The doctoral programmes at the Faculty of Arts invest in high-quality supervision. To ensure quality and continuity, each doctoral student is assigned a primary supervisor, who has a permanent or long-term employment contract with the Faculty. It is also recommended that students be assigned one or more additional supervisors.

The completion of a doctoral degree is a long-term, yet rewarding process. Doctoral graduates from the Faculty of Arts are scientific experts with a diverse education who can work in demanding academic research and teaching positions as well as specialist positions in the information society that require academic expertise.