Focus areas of research

Legal research contributes to and maintains a just society and the rule of law. Based on the focus areas, the Faculty also aims to conduct multidisciplinary research across unit boundaries, developing and applying new methods.

The focus areas of research are:

  • Law across boundaries and globalising law 
  • Nordic characteristics and European connections of law 

The legal system and the challenges it faces are explored as a cross-border, interactive network, with the Finnish legal system seen in a Nordic, European and global context. 

  • Law, security, welfare and privacy 
  • Legal issues concerning technological development and digitalisation 
  • Law and ecological, social and economical sustainability 
  • Legal basis and regulation of markets and business

Legal research serves as a tool of societal planning and design, responding to the challenges that affect society, the living environment and markets, and relating to various societal trends and local and global changes.